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CLEO 3 is the next step in the CLEO project development that extends coding possibilities in the game GTA San Andreas.


Extra opcodes
CLEO 3 has 40 useful opcodes in store, such as file management, game memory handling, ability to call exe functions and much more. The third version adds such opcodes as a call of a SCM function, creating a thread or starting a mission from an external file and more. To use all these opcodes, get the latest version of Sanny Builder 3.

Read more about them below.

Custom scripts
CLEO 3 allows adding the custom scripts to the game written in Sanny Builder without need for starting of a new game. All you need is to write a script, place it in the CLEO folder and run the game (new or saved).

CLEO 3 supports SA of both versions 1.0 and 1.01. It was tested with the US 1.0 and EUR 1.01 versions. If you have another version, please, let me know if CLEO 3 works or does not for you.

CLEO 3 doesn't work with game version 2.00 and higher. To get it working you need a downgrade patch (.exe of version 1.0 preferably).



To install CLEO 3 run Sanny Builder 3. You will see the word CLEO in the status bar outlined in red. Click it, read the license agreement and press the button ‘install’.

You also can download a stand-alone archive. To install CLEO 3 in such a way, unzip this archive to the game root directory.

CLEO 3 uses 3 files in work: vorbisFile.dll, vorbishooked.dll, cleo.asi. You always can find the latest versions of these files here.

If you are using CLEO 2 or CLEO 1, delete it manually to avoid conflicts with new version. If you used the cleo.asi of version 2, replace it with the new one. If you used the cleo.dll running from the main.scm, you must delete the cleo.dll and remove its loading code from the main.scm.

The libraries CLEO 2 and CLEO 3 are fully compatible. All mods/plugins written for CLEO 2 should work with the new version.


The plugins are the DLL files having an extension .CLEO. At startup, the CLEO library scans the folder GTASA\CLEO for the files with that extension and tries to load them. If successful, the plugin begins to work and complete the functions it was made for.

The plugin installation is very simple: just copy the plugin file to the folder GTASA\CLEO. To cancel the plugin usage, delete proper file.

You may download a plugin following a link from the right column.


CLEO 3 redistribution

If you wrote a script using the CLEO library and (or) its plugins, you may distribute needed files along with that script. You also may direct the script users on to inform them how to use CLEO.


The author of the CLEO library is Seemann. The author has no liability for any negative consequences caused by using this product. Use it at your own risk.

If you want to help in developing of the library or its plugins, contact me by a forum PM or e-mail.

Also thanks to Stanislav Golovin (aka listener) for his support and useful information.

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