It’s amazing how many people download CLEO mods but don’t know how to install them. Here’s a guide, going detailed how to install CLEO mods.

  1. Download sanny builder from .
  2. When you are installing sanny builder, you will get a page asking to install the CLEO 3 library.
  3. Direct it to your GTA SA installation (where you installed the game)
  4. When finished, you will have a new folder called ‘cleo’ in your installation folder.
  5. Put all the .cs and .cm files you have downloaded into that folder
  6. Start the game and enjoy!

If you experience crashes, their are 2 reasons why:

  1. One of your scripts could be made wrong and is crashing the game
  2. You have a gta_sa.exe that is not compatible with the CLEO technic
Alternatively, get the cleo 3 auto installer from this page:

Click Here

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